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Almost every morning I write on my window seat about people who’ve not yet found their rightful places in history. After years of happily writing for young readers, I’m thrilled to have my first novel for adults, Little Woman in Blue: A Novel of May Alcott, from She Writes Press. Little Woman in Blue is a fictionalized account of a real-life rivalry between two sisters who crave wealth, fame, and travel at a time when women are expected to be content with a humble home life.

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"I don’t know which I admired more: the author’s masterful and affectionate resurrection of 19th-century Concord or her imaginative and insightful portrait of the sisterly relationship at the heart of this delightful novel."
— George Howe Colt, author of The Big House, a National Book Award finalist
“At last, a book about the other artistic Alcott sister. May Alcott, dismissed in Little Women as the pampered youngest March sister Amy, explodes onto the pages of this wonderful novel as a real and hugely likeable woman, passionate about life, art, and adventure, and struggling to make sense of her relationship with an older sister who will never appreciate her for who she really is. Thank you, Jeannine, for giving Amy March a voice of her own!”
— Gabrielle Donnelly, author of The Little Women Letters

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