Doing research is one of the truly fun parts of my job, as books lead me to new ideas and different parts of the library. Here are some web-sites that are good places to begin a journey back in time.

Distinguished Women of the Past and Present
This site includes many short biographies which can be called up by name, or you can browse by subject. There are links to related sites, so it’s a fine, fairly straightforward place to begin research.

Women’s History Hotlist
Here you will find a list of topic ideas related to women’s history with lots of references to particular women for further study. (from Franklin Institute Online).

4000 Years of Women in Science
Science education often leaves out biographies, and it’s so important for girls to know that there’s been a history of women scientists and mathematicians -- for 4,000 years!

National Women’s History Project The newsletter is a good source of ways schools and organizations celebrate women’s history.

Library of Congress
A marvelous site for all ages. Not only are there amusing icons, but researchers can use their five senses as they watch old newsclips or listen to historic songs.

Columbia University : Women’s History
Serious researchers can find links to archival sites and bibliographies about women in various periods and different parts of the U.S. and the world.