Book Talks

Jeannine enjoys speaking about her love of reading and writing at schools, libraries, or conferences. Please contact her for fees and information about her presentations, which can be shaped to fit the needs of the listeners.

Talks about May Alcott

Paintings Hung in Parlors: May Alcott and Other Nineteenth Century Women Artists
May Alcott was one of many women who took art classes in Boston after the Civil War, then painted in Paris. This illustrated talk will feature May and other women whose work never found its way to museum walls, shedding light on issues creative women still face today.

May Alcott and Her Circle
Jeannine will discuss reading group favorites as well as books coming out this year that feature women making art. She’ll raise questions including: What is the appeal of art in fiction? Are there special qualities women bring to art?

Book Talk: Women’s Art in Fiction
Mothers and Daughters, or other pairs, are given prompts to write about shared personal history.

Talks for Teachers and Writers

Finding Stories in Neighborhoods, Backyards, and the Past
Jeannine suggest ways for writers and teachers to begin with place in order to write a strong story.

Research and Creative Writing
Jeannine offers research tips and ways to integrate them into fiction, nonfiction, or poetry that sparkles.

Talks for Students

Tell me the Details
In this workshop, Jeannine shows ways to use images to bring vitality to writing and ways to develop topics using fictional devices such as dialogue, metaphors, and story arcs.

Rummaging Through Attics: The Pleasures of Research and Writing
Jeannine will talk about how she researches the historical fiction, nonfiction, and poetry she writes for children and teens.


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