Stone Door Press

I started Stone Door Press after having published eleven books the traditional way. Much like writing, learning about independent publishing has been a mix of having fun, feeling free, and working through frustrations. While my other books were written primarily for an audience of children and teens, Views from a Window Seat, the first Stone Door Press book, began as blog entries focused on the writing process and is meant for anyone wanting company as they create.

Why Stone Door Press?

Many of my books are inspired by history, and here in New England, I love the stone doorsteps I sometimes see by colonial houses. Some of these flat stones were found in fields being plowed by farmers. Some have been known to contain fossils, suggesting eras long before the farmhouses had been built. So the name Stone Doorstep Press came to mind. But when a friend continued a conversation we were having about my new venture, Jess spoke the name back to me as Stone Door. Simpler is usually better. The sense of something lasting that still can be opened and entered is what I try to convey in much of my work.

Just Published!

Views from a Window Seat: Thoughts on Writing and Life
A collection of inspirational essays for writers. This book is the first book published by Stone Door Press and is available at Amazon.com.


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